is a Research and Design Lab for hire.

We use design & technology to craft things that intrigue and make people smile.


  • explore

    At we strongly believe in a top-down approach to the design of connected products and corresponding digital services.

    It’s necessary to thoroughly research the entire ecosystem of situations, devices, interfaces, the user and his context, to be able to design compelling and seamless experiences. We apply a multitude of user research and contextual research techniques to build user journey’s and a framework of desired interactions, which in its turn becomes a starting point for the technical architecture of a design concept.

  • design

    Designing stunning experiences is what is all about! We achieve this through mixing our flexible methodology with a great deal of creativity.

    A first step is always to shape an ecosystem, in which the future design will “live”. Then it’s possible to concurrently design the hardware and software needed to achieve the user experience we envision.

    Combining strong research insights, extensive technology know-how and of course years of combined experience, enables novel interactions that span tangible devices & digital services. .

  • make

    It is essential for our designs to actually work as quickly as possible. To realize this, we combine real craftsmanship with the right rapid prototyping tools to produce things that are both tangible and interactive.

    This can result in prototypes that we use to iteratively test our designs with actual users or a one-off materialization that enables a tailor-made interactive experience for a specific situation or event.

    Not only is this hands-on approach incredibly useful when designing compelling user experiences, it also allows us to make some really cool stuff.

meet the team

the crew

Kevin Verelst

designer / technologist

Some call me a master in the art of visualising abstract concepts and being an electronics wizard who’s not afraid to code, helps tremendously in bringing these designs into the real world.

Anner Tiete

UX researcher / strategist

Besides designer, I often take the role of user researcher & technology facilitator so I can translate strategic goals into design activities and make sure projects go beyond expectation.

Wim Konings

UX designer / maker

Mixing my broad knowledge of materials and prototyping with a background in user research allows me to take care of materializing details while still putting the user at the center of it all.